Met an Old Friend on the Flats

Redfish closeup

Met an old friend on the flats today. More on than surprise in a minute. This morning got off to a great start. Nailed a redfish right off the bat. These redfish are great, and great looking too. Love them. After that,however, things went south. A trout here, a ladyfish there. Pretty slow.

Later I staked out down tide of a guide who was chumming up a storm. Did I do that on purpose? Most likely. As soon as I picked up the rod I saw a big boil. I delivered the feathers and bang I’m on. Nice run, followed by a leap. Sweet. Snook? No. Tarpon? No. It was “Old Yellow Eyes” – a five pound bluefish! Really surprised to see my old friend the blue here on the Florida flats.

Old Yellow Eyes






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