Chum Works

Chum works. No,no, not Chum Lee on Pawn Stars! I’m talking about chumming with live bait. It’s flat out deadly. Yesterday I was chasing a school of reds when a guide boat showed up with two clients. Both anglers were total greenhorns. Believe me. Well the guide¬†starts chucking live bait all over the place. Man what a circus. Swirls, explosions, birds. Before you knew it these two¬†nimrods were hooked up constantly! And nice fish too.

This is not a kayak

This is not a kayak

So how was yours truly doing? I might as well been using a damn 7 iron. I caught one fish to their 20! I hate it when that happens. Just have to swallow your pride and paddle on. Chum rules.


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