Jack crevalle on the flats?

The weather is great and the fishing is good too. Reds, and trout dominate the catch, but other species are around. A couple of days ago I hooked a Jack Crevalle on the flats. Typically I find them in deeper places. Yes, they are extremely strong, one of the best. But this is the first one I can remember  hooking in real skinny water.

Jacks Crevalle on a fly

Jack Crevalle on the Flats

When you hook a Jack in deep water, they dive and bulldog it out. Tough, tough customers. But on the flats, this Jack was forced to run. And run it did! It took off across the flat like a rocket. Granted this is not a big fish, but I was amazed by its speed and erratic zig-zag behavior. Jacks are wild!

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