Redfish Anyone?

In my little corner of this world, anglers are complaining. About what? The dearth of reds. Even the high and mighty guides are grumbling in their growlers. Where have all those beautiful, bronze battlers gone?

20150322_Dave's redfish_0391There is an old saying in the brotherhood of the angle. It goes like this – ten percent of the anglers catch ninety percent of the fish. Lotsa truth in them words. Believe me. When things get tough, the tough get going, only the smart survive.

20150322_Dave's redfish_0397ARan into Dave today – the maestro of my locale flats. Guess what? Dave has been catching reds right along! Good ones too. Damn. Well, he has been wading these waters for thirty years. And its shows.

Understanding wildlife is no simple task. You have to learn the wind, the moon, and tide. Always ready to look, and listen. Ready to stand in the sun, the stars, and rain. And even then you have to expect the unexpected. Dave knows. Redfish anyone!

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