Tailing Reds

We’re stuck in another long bout of rainy weather. Damn, not good. But when the radar allows, there is fishing to be done. Last night, I caught a ride with Dave. Traveling far and wide, we searched for reds with zero success. On the return trip home, however, our luck changed big time.

With night descending around us, Dave spotted three tailing red. As we inched closer, more tails appeared. Then more tailing reds. Then it erupted into forty reds ripping it up. Tails, swirls,  the works. A memorable sight. Tailing reds, a thing of beauty!

Dave's Tailing Red

Dave’s Tailing Red

We both got redfish out of the school. Very cool. Great fighting fish. Check out Dave’s. It’s a big fat beast for sure. I pray this is the beginning of a dry, productive fall.

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