The Steel Will Druid 200 – A first look

The Steel Will Druid 200 – A First Look

Part One – A couple of months ago, I caught a knife review on YouTube touting the Steel Will Druid 200. It mentioned a favorable design, good stainless blade, excellent leather sheath, and a very reasonable price of $70. Sure sounded like a great deal. But did I need another fixed-blade knife?

Steel Will Druid 200 -a first look

Naaa, not really. I own a Randall Model 5, which I purchased last century. (see it here) The blade has a complex geometry, with a mid-sabre grind, and a long swedge that runs the length of the steel. It is hand-forged from 1/4″ thick stainless, 5″long, full tang, with a drop point, modest bit of jimping and a finger choil. It The hilt and butt cap are German-silver. The grip is stag antler with finger grooves. And a fine leather sheath tops things off. Yes, that baby cost me a bundle back then. $250? Still I’m glad I bought it. Today the same knife would cost double and be back-ordered 5 years.

Yet, all that got me thinking. If I damaged or lost my Randall, there would be no getting another one. So didn’t it make sense to substitute something cheaper and easier to replace? You know – give the Randall a rest? Hell, sure it did! At least that’s was my lame excuse.

Steel Will Druid 200- a first look

Lo and behold, here is  my Steel Will Druid 200. Overall the knife it is 11.5″ long, 13″ housed in the sheath. It has a .2″ thick, 6.1″ long stainless steel blade.  Full tang? Yes. Drop-point? Yes. The leather sheath has a swivel belt mount, and is well constructed. (a sheath of this quality alone could bring $50 on the open market) The grip has a rubber-like feel. It is a good size (5.25″), a good shape, comfortable, and sports a lanyard hole. Steel Will claims the knife to be 9.3 ounces. Both my digital scales say otherwise, stating it to be 8.95 ounces. Home in the sheath, the Druid tips-in at 12.55 ounces. Okay that’s enough for now. We’ll examine more in the next post.

Steel Will Druid 200


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