The Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer

The Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer: In July of 2015 I told you about the efforts underway to document the life of legendary angler Joe Brooks. Joe is often called the father of modern fly-fishing, and for good reason. He is that important, and I’m sure Lefty Kreh would back that statement up. Whether you wet flies in fresh or salt, you owe Joe a debt of gratitude.

Well I just got notice that the Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer is up and available for viewing. Good news. Below you will find links to see view it. Check it out. Enjoy!

┬áHere’s a few more links from my original post.

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2 Responses to The Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer

  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    If my memory is correct didn’t you write about buying some of his fly boxes?

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Good call. I did a piece for “Fly Fishing in Salt Waters” on fly boxes that belonged to Frank Woolner. In those boxes, however, were a couple of very early saltwater flies designed by Joe. In fact, I believe them to be first saltwater series ever created. They can be seen in Brook’s ground breaking book “Salt Water Fly Fishing”. And I covered them in more depth in 2001 for “Fly Tyer”.

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