The Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer

The Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer: In July of 2015 I told you about the efforts underway to document the life of legendary angler Joe Brooks. Joe is often called the father of modern fly-fishing, and for good reason. He is that important, and I’m sure Lefty Kreh would back that statement up. Whether you wet flies in fresh or salt, you owe Joe a debt of gratitude.

Well I just got notice that the Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer is up and available for viewing. Good news. Below you will find links to see view it. Check it out. Enjoy!

 Here’s a few more links from my original post.

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2 Responses to The Joe Brooks Documentary Trailer

  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    If my memory is correct didn’t you write about buying some of his fly boxes?

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Good call. I did a piece for “Fly Fishing in Salt Waters” on fly boxes that belonged to Frank Woolner. In those boxes, however, were a couple of very early saltwater flies designed by Joe. In fact, I believe them to be first saltwater series ever created. They can be seen in Brook’s ground breaking book “Salt Water Fly Fishing”. And I covered them in more depth in 2001 for “Fly Tyer”.

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