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The Church of St. Kilcatherine in Ireland

Recently a number of people came by to view the first four posts on this site. Those posts pertain to the Church of St. Kilcatherine in Ireland. It is, at times, also referred to by the ancient names of Chellchatthigern, … Continue reading

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A Rainbow in the Maumturks

I saw a rainbow today. It got me thinking about one I saw in Ireland, years ago. A friend of mine had rented a house in a remote valley in Joyce Country.  Situated 4 miles in on a dirt road, the house hung on … Continue reading

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Love of the Land

Crazy about being outdoors? Live for the wind and the tide?  Then embrace our planet amigo; never, ever take it for granted.  Lets work to keep things wild……

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Eyeries – On Ireland’s Beara Peninsula

Eyeries is a gem-like village on Ireland’s Beara peninsula. Nestled between Coulagh Bay to the north and a string of mountains to the south, Eyeries’ brightly colored homes offer a festive and infectious optimism. Hey, it’s fun just to walk … Continue reading

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A Trip to Purgatory, part 4

  What was down there? A small room with two cold, stone beds and a few flat rocks to kneel on. Click on the picture to the right to get a better view. So who would sleep in a tomb? Good question, and one that … Continue reading

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