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Ravens are returning to Connecticut

Ravens are returning to Connecticut:  Yes, ravens are returning to Connecticut. How long have they been gone? A long ass time, my friend – perhaps over a 100 years. Most likely our colonial forefathers did a number on them just … Continue reading

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Pompano like Orange Flies

Here in Charlotte Harbor, we have pompano at this time of year. Typically they are found in our passes as well as along the sandbars. I don’t get a chance to fish for them in the passes, but I do … Continue reading

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Sturgeon in the Connecticut River

I’ve have the good fortune to fish the Connecticut River from its headwaters near the Canadian line to its mouth on Long Island Sound. Along the way I’ve caught many species, but recently my son did me one better. He … Continue reading

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“Tailing” Snook?

Saw something new today. I was fishing the sandbar about two hours into the ebb. The snook action had been fairly good on the bar, but I decided to turn and look inland. About 200 hundred feet away, along the … Continue reading

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Snook Behavior

Snook, snook,snook, snook, and more snook. Yes, the bite goes on. Double figures days are no problem. Granted, these aren’t big fish, but on light fly gear they are one ripping blast. I’m using a my Scott STS 906/3 with … Continue reading

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