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Irma Cometh

Irma Cometh: Well, I got out of Dodge..make that Punta Gorda. Flew back to Connecticut last night. Hurricane Irma cometh to town. She just looked too big, too strong, and too aimed at Florida for me to ride it out … Continue reading

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The Solar Eclipse has Arrived

The Solar Eclipse has Arrived: Okay, today is the day. The solar eclipse has arrived. Here in Connecticut were not directly in the path, but we should see some effect, although its very cloudy where I’m at. Its scheduled to … Continue reading

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Fishing Off The Grid

Fishing off the Grid: Decided to do a little fishing off the grid..that’s right amigo, no cell phone, no land line, no web, just good, old fashion peace and quiet. Remember that? So at the start of the week, my … Continue reading

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Fisheries Come and Go

Fisheries Come and Go  For a time now I’ve been getting skunked, coming up “snake eyes”. Not seeing reds cruising the sandbar, not seeing them “tail”, not even spooking them in the sand holes as I pole the flat.  Oh … Continue reading

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Denatured People

Denatured People: Have you noticed? Have you noticed that many people amongst us are out of touch with the natural world? Their numbers are growing too – day by day. They have no interest in our planet. They’re Denatured People. … Continue reading

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