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Worms Sold Here

Worms Sold Here I’m located in a small New England town; just the kind of place I really love. Church bells ring on Sunday morn. A steam train calls in the distance. Out on the town green, folks are pitching … Continue reading

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Made it!

Made it! Finally made it permanently back to Connecticut, known far-and-wide as the land of unlimited taxes and chronic government over spending. But it’s also my old stomping rounds, home to many friends including my son, and good fly fishing … Continue reading

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The Art of the Soft Hackle

The Art of the Soft Hackle: A month back I was in New Hartford, Connecticut, knee deep in the Farmington River watching a master at work. His name is Pat Torrey and he has been fishing this fabulous river for … Continue reading

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Heading Back North

Heading back North: I’ve decided to end my time in sunny Florida. There are a lot of reasons mixed in here; I’ll go into some of them in a bit. But the bottom line is this: I sold my condo … Continue reading

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More on Ireland’s Church of St. Kilcatherine – Part Two

In the previous post, I told you about my wet journey to the Church of St. Kilcatherine. In an earlier post, I also offered you pictures of the many cross designs there are to be found here. Visit this post … Continue reading

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