Shooting Sports

The shooting sports have a lot to offer. You could be involved in sporting clays, trap, target rifle shooting, target handgun shooting, organized competitive groups such as  IDPA, or perhaps hunting is your thing. And there are even Olympic shooting sport events. It’s a very varied field.

For me it’s target handgun shooting; that’s what I like. Now I’m not talking about 10 yards or even 15 yard, I’m talking 25 yards and beyond. And I don’t use a scope or a red dot; I use iron sights. In order to shoot a handgun accurately at that distance requires that you master the shooting fundamentals. What are they? Proper grip, proper stance, sight alignment and sight picture, trigger control, breathing control, and follow-thru. Each of these things plays a role, and learning them takes time, more time than most people realize.

And guess what? Even after you get a handle on the shooting fundamental, there is one more critical element; I’ll call it the Zen factor. Yes, the mental game is absolutely huge.  Your mind must be in a fully alert, yet totally relaxed, state. Not easy. You can’t be the least bit distracted, preoccupied, tired or off. No, that will not do. When you slowly pull back the trigger, you best be at your zenith.

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