Fly Fishing Links

Here are some useful fly fishing links ….I’ll be adding more as time goes by……

Fly Fishing Magazines Online:

American Angler:

Catch Magazine:


Fly Rod & Reel:

Mid Current Fly Fishing:

Orvis News:


Gink & Gasoline

Southern Culture on the Fly

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine   

Fin Chaser magazine

Fly-fisher magazine

SA Flyfishing

The Mission -the cult of fly fishing

Major Fly Rod Companies:


Sage: http:


Temple Fork:


Custom Fiberglass Fly Rods

The Fiberglass Manifesto is the spot to learn about custom fiberglass fly rods.

Another good place to learn about Glass:

Yasuyuki Kabuto is a custom fiberglass rod builder in Japan.


I shop at Bear’s Den:

If you’re on Martha’s the Vineyard:    and

Connecticut Shops:

Rivers End Tackle: Covers salt fly, with good salt  fishing report updates.

Upcountry Sportfishing: Good invdentiry of supplies for fly fishing and tying. Contact for information on the Farmington River scene. Offers guides.

Housatonic River Outfitters: Good contact for Housatonic River info. Offer guides.

Saltwater Links

Angler Adventures: Angler Adventures is an excellent fly-fishing travel agency, founded way back in 1986. With a staff of fishing experts, they book destinations worldwide. That’s right: north, south, east and west –  they got it all covered. Check them out!

Stripers Forever: Dedicated to making striped bass a game fish. Lotsa of good information on striped bass. You can a free membership right on their site –  While you’re there, check out their Mycobacteriosis Research Initiative. Mycobacteriosis is an emerging infectious disease that affects well over 75% of the resident striped bass. Stripers Forever has a link by which you can help the research underway to combat this huge threat to striped bass. Please consider making a donation. I did.

David Skok: Dave is a great angler and masterful fly tyer. Reach him at

Salty Fly Rodders of New York: Excellent club with extensive knowledge of Long Island fishing.

Atlantic Salt Water Flyrodders: New Jersey based club with mucho expertise. Tip of the hat.

Coastal Flyrodders: Another very active New Jersey club.

Connecticut Rhode Island Fly Fishers: A good group focused on eastern Long Island Sound Being able to identify fish is important for many reasons. Anglers don’t want to accidentally catch and harvest protected species of fish. Not only does that app identify fish, but it also tells the user what regulations govern the fish. It’s perfect for those who enjoy fishing but don’t want to take accidentally harvest a regulated fish

Freshwater Links

Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association: I believe Lefty called the CFFA the best club in America. He’s right. Proud to be a member.

Farmington River Anglers Association: As the name says, devoted to the Farmington River.

Rich Strolis is a fine fly tyer and guide on the Farmington River.

Bruce Marino is another fine tyer and guide. Find him at

Important Fly Fishing Connections:

American Museum of Fly Fishing:

Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

The Fly Fishing Show:  They put on the biggest fly fishing shows around the country each year.


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