Fly Fishing Links

Here are some useful fly fishing links ….I’ll be adding more as time goes by……

Fly Fishing Magazines Online:

American Angler:

Catch Magazine:


Fly Rod & Reel:

Mid Current Fly Fishing:

Orvis News:


Gink & Gasoline

Southern Culture on the Fly

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine   

Fin Chaser magazine

Fly-fisher magazine

SA Flyfishing

The Mission -the cult of fly fishing

Major Fly Rod Companies:


Sage: http:


Temple Fork:


Custom Fiberglass Fly Rods

The Fiberglass Manifesto is the spot to learn about custom fiberglass fly rods.

Another good place to learn about Glass:

Yasuyuki Kabuto is a custom fiberglass rod builder in Japan.


I shop at Bear’s Den:

If you’re on Martha’s the Vineyard:    and

Connecticut Shops:

Rivers End Tackle: Covers salt fly, with good salt  fishing report updates.

Upcountry Sportfishing: Good invdentiry of supplies for fly fishing and tying. Contact for information on the Farmington River scene. Offers guides.

Housatonic River Outfitters: Good contact for Housatonic River info. Offer guides.

Saltwater Links

Angler Adventures: Angler Adventures is an excellent fly-fishing travel agency, founded way back in 1986. With a staff of fishing experts, they book destinations worldwide. That’s right: north, south, east and west –  they got it all covered. Check them out!

Stripers Forever: Dedicated to making striped bass a game fish. Lotsa of good information on striped bass. You can a free membership right on their site –  While you’re there, check out their Mycobacteriosis Research Initiative. Mycobacteriosis is an emerging infectious disease that affects well over 75% of the resident striped bass. Stripers Forever has a link by which you can help the research underway to combat this huge threat to striped bass. Please consider making a donation. I did.

David Skok: Dave is a great angler and masterful fly tyer. Reach him at

Salty Fly Rodders of New York: Excellent club with extensive knowledge of Long Island fishing.

Atlantic Salt Water Flyrodders: New Jersey based club with mucho expertise. Tip of the hat.

Coastal Flyrodders: Another very active New Jersey club.

Connecticut Rhode Island Fly Fishers: A good group focused on eastern Long Island Sound

Freshwater Links

Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association: I believe Lefty called the CFFA the best club in America. He’s right. Proud to be a member.

Farmington River Anglers Association: As the name says, devoted to the Farmington River.

Rich Strolis is a fine fly tyer and guide on the Farmington River.

Bruce Marino is another fine tyer and guide. Find him at

Important Fly Fishing Connections:

American Museum of Fly Fishing:

Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

The Fly Fishing Show:  They put on the biggest fly fishing shows around the country each year.


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