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Note:  I may once again be offering instruction. Check with me if you’re interested.

On the Water LessonsThe best way to learn fly fishing is to fish with someone who really knows the sport. In a single day on the water you can soak up more knowledge that you could get out of months and months of reading books. Believe me. “Hands-on” training is right way to go. Your skill level will soar. Interested? E-mail me here

 Fresh or Salt  Cost for 1 or 2 students:   3Hour lesson  $300     5 Hour lesson $450 This can be done in a single session or in blocks of time. A single one hour session is $90. Note: These prices are based on you coming to me. If I come to you, travel costs may apply.

Fly Casting Lesson: Fly casting is fun. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s easy. In fact some say fly casting is one of the most difficult things to master in all of sports. I’m not sure that’s true, but there is definitely a learning curve. A single casting lesson is 45 minutes and costs $85 This price is based on you coming to me.

Now just because someone is a good caster, doesn’t mean they can teach the subject.  Oh,no. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that most fly casters have no real idea how to instruct. You need an experienced teacher, an instructor that quickly identify the problems, and is willing to slowly and clearly explain what needs to be done. I’ve taught fly casting for a long time -privately and in groups. And I’ve done public fly casting demonstrations at both the Marlboro and Somerset Fly Fishing Shows. In addition, I was a member of the Federation of Fly Fishermen’s Flycasting Instructor Advisory Committee back in 1993, when they set up their fly casting instructor certification program.

Regardless whether your a rank beginner or have been fly casting for years, I can help you. Here are some subjects we can work on together. Smoothing out your cast, reducing effort, improving accuracy, narrowing you loop, removing tailing loops, dealing with the wind, improving distance, single haul, double haul, curve casts, steeple casts, the Belgium cast, the Reach cast, the Tuck cast, casting shooting heads and casting sinking line

2 Responses to Fly Fishing Instruction

  1. Joe Mulledy says:

    Hi Ed,
    I recently saw you speak on the topic of Saltwater Fly Fishing at the NH Fish and Game Department. I have been fresh water fly fishing for more than 20 years. That said, I often wonder if I may have been doing it wrong for all these years. Where do you conduct your fly fishing lessons? It appears you offer casting lessons that are “on the water” as well as “off water” casting lessons. If I am correct I may be interested in just a casting lesson. Although, on the water would be much more fun. I’m just wondering how far I may have to travel. I am in Manchester, NH. I do most of my fly fishing at a place called Spicer Pond in Newfields, ME. >>>>I look forward to hearing from you. Joe

    • admin says:

      Hey Joe,
      Thanks for asking. I’m a very good fly casting instructor. You’d have to come to me. That keeps the rates relatively low. But unfortunately the odometer seperates us by 3 hours and 160 miles. Doubt it can work.


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