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Outdoor Photography Gear

Outdoor Photography Gear Outdoor photography has long been a big part of life. Fishing photos, landscapes, seascapes, and beyond. Why do I love it? Well first off I love being outdoors. And cameras allow me to capture memories and bring … Continue reading

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Rain in the Winter Woods

Rain in the Winter Woods After a rain, the winter woods are a visual feast, a great time to break out your camera. Under gray skies, subtle earth hues intertwine in a quilt of tweed. Overhead bare tree limbs collide … Continue reading

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Photographs in the Fog

Photographs in the Fog: Haven’t picked up a fly rod in two weeks. That’s a long time for me; but at this point I’m still on the road and will be until next week. No, I’m not complaining, mind you. … Continue reading

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Review : Refurbished Nikon D3200

It turns out my heavy cold is actually the damn flu!. Hence I’m still not on the water. Oh well, that’s life. But we can use this down time to review a fantastic little camera. A refurbished Nikon D3200. For … Continue reading

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Photography: It’s a Brave New World

Back when I was in grad school, seeking an MFA, we jabbered nonstop about different films, different developers, different papers, toners, the secrets of the Zone System. Black & White photography was the gold standard. Darkrooms were sacred caves. Now everything is digital. … Continue reading

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