Sight-Fishing for Snook

Sight-Fishing for Snook

My buddy Dave, the “Fish Whisper”, has been stalking snook on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Got himself a true corker this time, as you can see below. That must have been wa hoot. Way to go Dave!

A few days back, Dave saw a group of snook laid up. By this time of year, they have boogied from their winter haunts in the backcountry, and returned to open water. He found them bunched up in small pods on top of a bar, finning in the current.

Dave’s fly of choice was a meaty 5inch Lefty’s Deceiver, tied on a Gamakatsu¬† 1/0 SC 15 hook. To ensure the fly landed softly, he didn’t add any epoxy or eyes. Dave tells me trying to get a fly close to a big snook is extremely difficult. They spook easily. A bit of a breeze rippling the surface helps, as does keeping your backcast low. Well, he got it right this time, as he usually does.

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