Photography is the most powerful and pervasive visual medium in our culture. Sound like an exaggeration? It’s not. Photography fills our art galleries,  our magazines, our newspapers, our books, and is integral to the Internet. Photos are on the cereal box you pick up in the morning, and 0n the television you shut off at night. They are used in our court rooms, by NASA, by medical imaging, by dentists, by scientist, and by the Army… the list is endless. Yeah, photography rules. And with cameras now a standard feature in every cell phones, the presence of photography is poised to explode.

Hey, check out this van! I took this picture over ten years ago, on Martha’s Vineyard. Amazing vehicle,right? Wouldn’t want to be driving behind it on the highway; it probably spits cameras now and then. See the one-way mirror windows on the side? There is no doubt in my mind that behind them was photographer – photographing me, photographing him. Wow. And with the van wearing California plates, I had to think that this monkey business of dueling cameras had taken place all the way across our country. Photography is everywhere.

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  1. That’s an awesome photo! Image the looks you would get driving around in one of those vans

    • admin says:

      yeah you could get some vantastic images!…….i

      If you google ‘camera van” i think you can find out more about the guy behind this adventure

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