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Writing: When I was a kid I poured through magazines like Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Couldn’t get enough of them. I was drawn by all the outdoor adventure. Back then I didn’t know any fly fishermen, but I loved to read about the sport. Writers like Ray Bergman, and Ted Trueblood took me fishing with their words. Perhaps that’s why, I ended up a writer too.

Yes, the literary world tends to look down its nose at nature and outdoor writing. Yeah they think that the only true subject is how people interacting with other people. To me, how people connect to the natural world is every bit as important. Its what makes us human. Think about it; we sprung right out of the soil. This is our home, our birth place. And our connection to the planet grounds us both to the near-and-now and connects us, as well as, to things infinite.

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