Poppers are Wild

Poppers are Wild

Now here’s a happy angler with a beautiful bass on a popper. Its a true thrill, one every saltwater fly rodder should experience. But I’ll venture to say that not many anglers have had the pleasure. Sure, they may have caught a few schoolies on a popper, but never used a popper to hunt for big fish.

Why are poppers underutilized flies? Well, for a slew of reasons. First, they are not as universally effective as a subsurface fly like a Lefty’s Deceiver or a Bob Clouser’s Deep Minnow. Those flies work in wider range of situations. Second, poppers are more operator intensive. You need to know how to work them, and when to set the hook. And there is more.

Third, poppers typically use long shank, stainless steel hooks which make them vulnerable to opening up under heavy pressure. So don’t be a damn hero, don’t slam the hook home. In fact, with a striper, wait until the fly goes under before striking. That’s super tough for some guys, they just have to bang the fish right off. Fourth, don’t apply maximum pressure constantly during the fight, remember that longshank hook. Keep a cool head.

And lastly poppers are harder to cast. Practice before throwing one, believe me. Practice. Given all that are poppers worth it? You bet. At times a big bass will swirl under a popper several time before taking it. Man your heart will be pounding, amigo. And when they do grab, the strike is memorable. You got to love it. Poppers are wild.


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