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Fly Fishing for Bonefish by Dick Brown

Okay, ready to saddle up? We’re off on another bonefish book tour. So far we have covered the first and the largest such books ever done. Now let’s do what I believe to be the most popular title. I’m referring … Continue reading

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Bonefishing! by Randall Kaufman

Well what do you say, let’s continue our look at bonefish titles in print. In the previous post we examined the first book written on the subject. This time around we’ll tackle the largest bonefish book ever offered. And what … Continue reading

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Bonefishing by Stanley M. Babson

This time around let’s look at a somewhat rare book published in 1965. The author’s name is Stanley M. Babson and the title is Bonefishing. Many years later a handful of other authors would do similar books, but to the … Continue reading

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Fishing the Flats by Mark Sosin and Lefty Kreh

With so many of us locked down by the coronavirus, I thought it good idea to look at some reading material. And in this case a blast from the past. Today’s post is on Fishing the Flats, penned by Mark … Continue reading

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The Klinkhammer

The Klinkhammer dry fly hasn’t received much press in recent times so I felt the subject deserved a visit. Developed in the 1980’s by Dutch angler Hans van Klinken this innovative dry fly has proven itself worldwide, and richly deserves … Continue reading

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