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Fly Fishing for Tailing Reds

Fly fishing for tailing reds in Charlotte Harbor is challenging business. Real challenging. As tough a fishery as I have ever seen. First off the reds only tail under perfect conditions. Low water, low light, and low wind. Even then, … Continue reading

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Florida’s Vultures

Florida’s vultures are common year round. They’re big, busy, and everywhere. Down here, we have two types. The turkey vulture, and the black vulture. The turkey vulture has a redhead, a greater wing span, and is the stronger flyer. The … Continue reading

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Snook Behavior

Snook, snook,snook, snook, and more snook. Yes, the bite goes on. Double figures days are no problem. Granted, these aren’t big fish, but on light fly gear they are one ripping blast. I’m using a my Scott STS 906/3 with … Continue reading

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The Snook Bite Continues

Wow. The snook bite continues. It’s wild out there. Schools of them cross the bar on a rising tide, practically milling around your feet.  You can look into the water and see upwards of twenty at time. Amazing. They are … Continue reading

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Did you Remember the Plug?

So you’re in a rush to get fishing. The alarm goes off. You down breakfast, then run out to the garage, hook the boat to the truck. Dig out all the rods, locate the tackle boxes, get the net, grab … Continue reading

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