Rain in the Winter Woods

Rain in the Winter Woods

Rain in the Winter Woods

After a rain, the winter woods are a visual feast, a great time to break out your camera. Under gray skies, subtle earth hues intertwine in a quilt of tweed. Overhead bare tree limbs collide in an intricate mesh. While below tree trunks turn shades, some mottled gray others approaching black.

Lichen glows in the Rain

The rain also causes moments of color to erupt. Drinking in the moisture, the lichen on rocks comes alive, glowing cyan as if freshly painted. Wet leaves cover the forest floor in a carpet of reddish brown. And here and there, beech leaves, still clinging to limbs even this late in the late, call out in orange.

Beech leaves in the Rain

And if luck is with you, you may come across a yellow birch. Look for them near a creek or swamp, they like water. This tree’s unfolding bark is always remarkable, hanging in long curls like torn paper. But in the rain, the bark takes on a whole new leather-like quality that is difficult to describe.

Yellow Birch in the Rain
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