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For many years now, my camera work has been solely devoted to making images in support of magazine articles and books. So I have not been taking any personal imagery for some time. Still, I though it might be of interest to see some of the personal work I did years ago. 

The image to the right comes from a series entitled Cut Papers. Each print records a large paper scuplture that I created and then lit in a studio. 

Szabad 8×10 Camera

I took these photographs with an 8 x 10 view camera, using 8 x 10 Polariod Color film. The camera was a Swedish built Szabad that I found used in New York City. It’s a fine old thing, with a revolving back, shifting lens board, and a closeup extension bellows. The exposures were long, often 5 minutes or so. This caused some unexpected color shifts, but I simply kept the images I liked and discarded the rest.

2 Responses to Personal Work

  1. Judy Hall says:

    Have been reading your blog Ed, try to gaze at it whenever I have time.
    I find these photos very interesting, and actually very beautiful with the different hughes to them.

    Thanks for posting :).
    Judy Hall

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Thank you Judy. I do appreciate it. Those images were taken quite sometime ago, at a point in my life when I was exhibiting regularly. That all slowed as I drifted over into writing. But just lately, I’ve felt that urge again, a desire to return to the creative side of image-making.


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