North Cove Outfitters is Closing

North Cove Outfitters is Closing

About a week ago I learn that North Cove Outfitters, in Old Saybrook, was closing their doors. Sad, indeed. After faithfully serving the outdoor community in southern New England for 24 years, the dour economy caught up with them.

While there were many factors involved here, the epic battle, now underway, between “Brick & Mortar” stores and the Internet played an important role.  True, the Internet is a wonderful thing, but “Brick & Mortar” stores  are too. Not only do they supply us with expert knowledge, they are a powerful force in the local economy. The money you spent there stays in the community in the form of wages, taxes, supplies, gas and beyond. While dollars dropped on the Internet drift out of town.

I taught classes at North Cove for over 15 years, knew the staff, the owners, and many customers. I’m really going to miss them. And so are a great many other people.

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