Smith & Wesson 44 Magnums

Big bore revolvers? I love them. Man, the flame, the roar – the recoil. Squeeze the trigger and you’re Zeus throwing lightning bolts.  Back in August I told you about the S&W Model 629 Mountain Gun. It is wonderful trail gun, but not easy to shoot. In fact it is a handful. If asked which 44 magnum I liked the best, however, I’d pull out my 6.5″ S&W Model 29-8. Amigo, this thing rules!

Dirty Harry's Choice

The S&W model 29, Dirty Harry’s Choice

Developed in the mid fifties, the model 29 gained legendary status in the hands of Clint Eastwood, who wielded it in the 1971 film classic Dirty Harry. “Do you feel lucky, punk?” Like the Mountain Gun, this is not a novice’s firearm; experienced shooter only should apply. And once again  the 44-magnum shines best for the handloader. Why? Store ammo is typically full power, delivering a half-a-ton of muzzle energy. So hang tight my friend. Handloaders can create milder mid-range loads, making it much easier to master this fire-breathing hunk of iron.

For mid range loads, I like Universal Clays under a 240 grain bullet. For a touch more heat, I get excellent results from Longshot.  Maximum loads? I don’t launch that many, but when needed I leave those to either H110 or Lil’Gun.

Be a safe and responsible gun owner!!

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