Snook on a Fly

Snook on a 6-weight fly rod

After 30 years chasing striped bass in the New England suds, these southern flats felt a might foreign, my friend. But I’m getting dialed in!

Had a very good morning. Hooked 12 snook, landed 11, all on a 6-weight fly rod. The largest couple of fish were around 27inches. What a major blast! Snook remind me very much of striped bass.  And that is muy cool amigo. Both are ambush predators, that prefer low light, structure, and current. Stripers are more powerfully built; still snook fight very hard and can jump. Standard striper flies work fine on snook – just scaled them down a couple sizes – although it seems to me snook like a slightly different retrieve. Looking to learn more, tide by tide.

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