Hurray for Matlacha

The Perfect Cup in Matlacha

Of all the place I’ve seen here in Florida, Matlacha stands tall. Locally known as a “Drinking community with a serious fishing problem”, Matlacha is a eclectic mix of Art Galleries, bars, eateries, shops, and fish markets.  Colorful, Caribbean-like, and freewheeling, it has the open feel of a frontier town.

Pronounced “Mat-la-shay”, this strip of land essentially forms a bridge between the mainland and Pine Island. Surrounded by skinny water, it offer fabulous flats fishing. In fact Matlacha, I’m told, is a native American word meaning “Place of shallow waters”.  Watch your keel! World-class kayaking and fly-fishing waters for snook, redfish, trout, tarpon and beyond. Sweet.

Don’t like fishing or kayaking? Don’t like Art, beer or bourbon? Well you’re in damn tough shape my friend; hell you’re practically dead! But a cup of joe just might snap you out of it. So come anyway.  The Perfect Cup on the main drag serves up the finest java jolt you have ever had. Hurray for Matlacha!


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