Tarpon Time

Leqaping Dilver

Well the angling gods smiled on me today. I hooked and landed a tarpon from the Adios. Man it was a treat. One of those special angling moments you just don’t forget. At one point I fought it standing up; while the tarpon towed the kayak along. What a wild feeling. My heart was in my mouth. After taking me for a few rides, the Silver King dove under the Adios several times, spinning me like a top.

If I guess the weight I’ll be wrong. So all I’ll venture is that was 36-40″ in length. Fabulous  fight on an 8-weight fly rod. What fly? The tarpon took a sparse, chartreuse,size 1#, half-half. He trashed it and twisted the hook. Brother, I deserve a whiskey tonight.



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4 Responses to Tarpon Time

  1. Gary says:

    Yea Baby. Enjoy your Bourbon tonight Ed. Thanks for sharing this with us up north. Ran into Jeff Passante a week ago. He says hello. told him to google your site.

    • admin says:

      Hey Gary,
      I did enjoy it. Those rolling tarpon have been a trip. Now if I could figure out how to hook more of them? I imagine Jeff is back from Arizona to do some trout fishing. Hope all is well up north.


  2. Jack Walsh says:

    Marvelous. Nothing like the ride. Is that picture of the tarpon jumping yours??
    Off to Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tourney next week—of course the Fly Division.


    • admin says:

      Yes, I’m connected to that one. Rod in my left, camera in my right. Got off a lucky shot, without falling off the board! Let me know how the Tourney goes.


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