Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum Revisited

Recently, people – from as far away as France, Finland, and Russia – have visited posts I did some time ago on Smith & Wesson revolvers. Given that interest, it’s time to say more on this subject. So let’s begin with another brief look at the Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum.

Brian Pearce wrote the best article I ever read on this firearm. It appeared in Handloader magazine in June 2006, volume 41, number 3, issue 241. In it, Pearce does a fine job covering the history of this firearm, while supplying useful data for target, midrange, and full power loads. I believe you can purchase this back issue, at  While you’re there get yourself a subscription to Handloader too. That way, you will not miss any of Pearce’s informative articles.

SW Model 29-8

SW Model 29-8

Above is my SW 29-8 44 Magnum. It is a Performance Center gun, built about 2004. It has 6.5-inch barrel, a removable scope rail, an unfluted cylinder, and interchangeable front sights – including a large Hi-Vis fluorescent orange one, and a Gold Dot. Like all “PC” guns, it has a carrying case, smooth action, forged trigger – with trigger stop, and a forged hammer. Overall, SW 29s, and their stainless steel cousins the SW 629, have served hunters, target shooters, and collectors well for over half a century. Dirty Harry was fond of them too.

                                    Be a safe and responsible gun owner!!

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