Connecticut River Stripers

Ernie Beckwith, former head of Connecticut Fisheries, called me last evening. He invited me to take a morning boat ride on the lower Connecticut River. Striped bass were the objective. Still, Ernie warned me the fishing had been slow and the fish were small. And, we had bad conditions to boot. A cold front was moving in, and we had an incoming tide. Still we decided to give it a shot.

Ct River Schoolie on a Fly

Ct River Schoolie on a Fly

We launched at 7AM on rising water. Traveling southward, we headed down tor the  river’s mouth. Once we arrived, we worked both sides of the river, in an effort to locate the bass. Unfortunately, very little was going on. Things didn’t look good at all.

Given the lack of action, we spun around and went back upriver towards Essex. Thankfully, the bite as a bit better. In the end, however, we managed only a few small schoolies. But it was fun just the same.

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