Along the Water’s Edge: My Latest Book, Part Two

In the previous post I gave you an overview of my latest book’s content. If you missed it jump back a post. Now let’s take a look inside to give you a visual feel for Along the Water’s Edge. And where better to start than on the title page?

Title Page

Title Page

Self-publishing isn’t easy, but it does allow the author complete control over the outcome. So the author gets to take credit for the whole shooting match, including all the mistakes. I wrote and formatted the text, did the page layouts, and designed the dust jacket. It was a learning process; believe me. Had to stretch a little to get it all done. But I’m pleased with the results.

To dress things up, I decided to do some B&W artwork. They are small, simple illustrations that, I feel, give the book some character.  As you see in the photo above, there is one the title page. And there are also drawings at each chapter heading.

along the waters edge land of milk Hope you like what you see. And I hope you might be interested in adding a copy to your personal library. The book is a short-run of 400 copies, and available through this site by check for $29.95, plus $6.o0 priority postage. Just drop me an email to  Book are signed and inscribed to you upon request.

You can also purchase it with a credit card from The Angling Book Store,

(ISBN 978-0-692-27077-6)



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