Windy Weather

Well windy weather kept me off the water for a week. Damn. On top of that, April was the hottest ever recorded in my neck of the woods (make that palm trees). So summer is off to a roaring start here in southwest Florida.

Spotted Sea Trout

Spotted Sea Trout

I did get out yesterday, however. The tides weren’t in my favor, but it was high-time to wet a line. On the first of the incoming, I saw some big-ass tarpon. They popped up out of nowhere and zipped right by me within ten feet. It was great to see them, but I got zero chance to cast. Didn’t run into any reds or snook, which was disappointing.

Still there were fish around. Plenty of spotted sea trout cruised the sandbar, and decent size ones too. These good-looking fish may not be great fighters, but they are willing biters. So they can fill in your day.

Fishware’s Banditmask

Switching subjects here, let me mention a new product by Fishware Outfitters. It’s a vented buff. The ever-intense tropic sun has made buffs very popular in Florida, and for good reason. More recently buffs are gaining popularity even farther north.

They do protect you from the sun, but buffs can also be a nuisance. The biggest problem is they may cause your sunglasses to fog up. A real pain. Second, they can make conversation with other anglers difficult. This vented buff by Fishware helps solve both issues. They call it a Bandit Mask, and its runs as dirt cheap at $15. Good deal.

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