The CFFA Banquet & Expo

Just got back from the CFFA Banquet & Expo. The Expo was very well attended, drawing over 300 anglers on a winter’s day. Its is very likely the premier fly fishing club expo in the Northeast and has been going on for 46 years. Not to be missed. Presentations and plenty of vendors including reps from Orvis, Sage, and Scott. There was also authors, books, hooks, fly tying materials, and taxidermy, to name a few. Here’s a brief video of the event done by Capt. Ray Stachelek.

Later than evening the banquet attracted at least 150 people. Great people, great food and a wonderful raffle. All in all, as always the CFFA did a fine job.  Learn more here.

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  1. Ted Rze[pski says:

    Ed you are too humble. You omitted that you were our featured speaker! you gave a great talk on fishing Florida’s flats. At the banquet you gave a hilarious presentation about the puzzling clash of cultures in Florida.
    Before you emigrated to Florida you were a fabulous volunteer at Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association’s education programs. You taught students how to cast saltwater weight fly rods, and taught fishing tactics at our fishing classes and seminars.
    Thanks Ed

    • Ed Mitchell says:


      Thank you. My successes are always tempered by my failures. Pleased to learn you enjoy Loren Eiseley. To my way of thinking, he is one of the most complex and fascinating people of the last century.


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