On the Road – Asheville, NC

On the Road – Asheville, NC :  Heading north for the summer, and made a stop in Asheville, NC. What a great place! Called “The Land of the Sky” for its mountainous surrounding, Asheville is not only beautifully situated, the streets churn with creative energy. I mean it. Artists are everywhere – painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, singers, musicians,jewelers, writers, and beyond. One night we even came across a poet for-hire, sitting on the curb with his blue Royal typewriter. Yup, a bard at your beck and call. So hired him I did. Man, electricity fills the streets here. Loved it.

And that creativity extends to the 40 plus craft breweries. In fact, Asheville is “Beer City USA” with more breweries per capita than any other town in America.  And what better way to do a beer tour than on a pubcycle? That’s right you can pedal your ass around town drinking world class beer. LOL You gotta love that. Twelve folks with  tour guide (motor assist for the hills), head out whooping it up. Not in any shape to pedal? Well ride on the rear bench and let the other folks do the work. Ha. Naturally, there is a cooler on-board to stow your precious ale during the epic adventure. Yes, the excitement is contagious. Believe me, Asheville is wild fun.

Amazing Pubcycle Tours

Amazing Pubcycle Tours

Breweries range in size from the well-known and loved Sierra Nevada to small hole-in-the wall joints haunted by the local beer intelligentsia. Here’s a look at two places to down a pint – Wicked Weed, one of the biggest in town, and Burial Brewery, one of the smallest. Now excuse me, while I go look for an IPA!

Wicked Weed

Burial Brewery

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