Phil is Trouting

My buddy Phil has been doing some trouting. Hey why not? The weather has been great. And his Fish & Game Club, in eastern Connecticut, has a well stocked pond loaded with rainbows and will get a second stocking of larger fish soon. Hence that is where he is wetting a line.

Phil reports the usual early season flies, such as woolly buggers and streamers, haven’t been very effective in the club pond. The trout are sitting low and can only be tempted with a small nymph creeping along. Once he got that figured out the fishing has been very good.

His rig is a sweet little Sage 2wt with a floating line and a sinking leader. Fine tippets are required, however. Yesterday he told me some trout are beginning to cruise the surface for midges. So he may switch to a dry/dropper setup.  That should be a blast.

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