Bonefishing! by Randall Kaufman

Well what do you say, let’s continue our look at bonefish titles in print. In the previous post we examined the first book written on the subject. This time around we’ll tackle the largest bonefish book ever offered. And what is likely the biggest book ever to be commercially attempted. I’m referring to Bonefishing! by Randall Kaufmann.

How mammoth is this tome? It is 1.25″ thick, boasts 417 8.5″ x 11″ pages, and tips the scales at nearly 5 pounds. You heard right,  5 pounds my friend. It feels like an encyclopedia in your hand.

Published in 2000 by Western Fisherman’s Press, this lavish book this is a tour-de-force effort based on the author’s extensive angling experience. He has made every attempt to produce an extremely comprehensive work with a world-wide scope. There are chapters on history, various types of bonefish flats, how bonefish react to tide and weather, what bonefish eat, flies, retrieves, angling strategies, guides, and 12 chapters covering prime bonefish locations around the globe. It is truly a treasure trove of information with a 14 page index to help you navigate sort through the subjects.

Sweetening the mix, the pages are cockerblock full of wonderful color photographs by Brian O’Keefe and illustrations by Mike Stidham. Lotsa eye candy. Lots of it. Need more? Kaufman also offers information on additional flats fish you may encounter including permit, tarpon, and trevally. Upon release this title sported a retail price of $80. That greatly limited the book in the marketplace. Presently, however, you can find copies for $60. Still not an impulse buy, but if your wallet can handle it, this book is well worth owning. You simply can’t go wrong.

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