Fishing Denied

Fishing Denied

Got up early this morning, hoping to find a few striped bass. With coffee in hand, headed out in the dark for Ocean Beach in New London. Traditionally this has been a good spot for late season bass. I was seriously pumped.

Fishing Denied

Got to the parking lot by 6:30Am. The damn gate was locked! Really? Years back I always got in early. Come on! Fishing denied.

Were they going to open the gate later? Maybe, but the fishing here usually fades fast with the sun. No sense waiting around. Jumped back behind the wheel and drove to Harkness State Park. Man oh man, the gate was locked there too? Fishing denied again. Kept searching for a place to wet a line. Bingo, I thought of a beach where I stood a decent chance. Great. Drove off trying to beat the sun. Got to the beach and its was plastered wall-to-wall with no parking signs. WTF? Never had them before? Fishing denied. I’m pissed.

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