Hareline Dyed Pheasant Tail Feathers

Ringneck pheasant tail is one of those material you should always have on hand. Great for nymphs and pupa. Well a few days back I went digging through my fly tying mountain of materials to find some and came up empty handed. Ugh. That send me searching the internet to remedy the situation.

While there I came across something I hadn’t seen before -Hareline Dyed Ringneck Pheasant feathers. Ummmm. Kinda nice. They were available in a 9 colors as well as natural.  Black, green, orange, to name a few. And they come two feathers to a pack.  I thought I would pick natural and green. J. Stockard Fly Fishing had a good price, so I shopped there. But natural was out of stock. So I took a chance on orange and green. 

Overall I think these dyed pheasant tail fibers are a good idea. Happy with the colors. My only concern is that the fibers on the feathers I received were shorter that I would like. It made tying on size 12# a chore even on a Tiemco 2487 which has a short  shank. I had you use two bunches of fibers to complete each fly.  As a result I do not think the flies turned out are as neat as they could have been. Well, they are still going to catch fish.





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