Photography is Easy

Photography is Easy

Photography is easy. Right? Just point and shoot, man. Anyone can do it. Even a child can “click” the shutter. So is everyone a good photographer? Naaa. That would be like saying anyone with a saucepan is a 4 star chef.

The ease of operation of a point-and-shoot camera belies the fact that consistently taking effective photographs is far from easy. A good photographer engages the world with creativity, emotion,and intellect. And you can’t buy those things on any camera in the world. Forget about it.

So where does one begin? Well, the road to photographic success is a long one. But let me at least say this: Step one is to become a keen observer.  Take time each day to study the world around you. And do it will a quiet mind, without a head full of extraneous thoughts. Chill out. Sensitize yourself to light, color, and form. Embrace the rich visual beauty that surrounds us. Hey heaven may be right here on earth. And if you do that long enough,you will learn to truly see. Yeah amigo, then you’ll really have “eyes”.


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  1. Jim Deady says:

    Well said. Heaven is right here on earth you just have to look for it.

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