Good Tides, Good Tails

Punta Pup

We just went through a period of strong moon tides, accompanied by warmer weather. Great mix. One morning I saw more redfish tails than I had seen during my entire time down here. So did I slay them? Nope. Truth is they were very tough. Once these reds get their head buried in the eelgrass, they’re not easy to distract. And if you’re at all aggressive with your approach or delivery the fish instantly spook. Challenging fishing for sure. I count each one I catch as a well earned prize.

The Kwan is a popular flat’s fly in my hood. Above you’ll see a version I tied. I’m trying for an impressionistic pattern, somewhere between a shrimp, a crab, and a baitfish. You can’t see it well in the pix, but the fly has mono weed guards. Needed. The one above is lightly weighted, but many – if not most times – an unweighted fly is the right way to go.


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