Stingray, Don’t Tread on Me

After several days of small craft warnings, I was able to get back to the flats this morning. I was at the ramp by 6:30AM. And then paddled out into a very nice morning, although the fishing was only mediocre.

I love wading the flats, but you have to be cautious. There are a lot of rays around right now. Some are fair size too. When they swim over the turtle grass, you can spot them right off. And they are easy to see over the bar too. It’s when they bury themselves in the sand holes that you have to be careful.

Sting Ray in the Sand

Stingray in the Sand

Can you see the stingray in this picture? Shuffle your feet and keep you eyes open. Rays are a little like rattlesnakes. Don’t tread on me.


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