Redfish on a 6-Weight Fly Rod

Took the 6-weight back to the flats. What a fun fly rod. Check out the red below. It charged the fly from the side. I could see the bow wake coming across the flat. Man, exciting. A size 4, brown and orange, crab-like creation, did the honors. Yes, it had rubber legs. I’m starting to really believe in them. The red put up a great show, running all over the place. Rod bent, reel spinning.

Red on a Six-weight

Red on a Six-weight

Later I took out the 8-weight with a big Deceiver, and began working the outside of the bar. No snook, but plenty of fair trout, and my biggest pompano yet. It took the Deceiver; I was surprised. I would love to hook a pompano of five pounds or better. Doubt I’ll ever find one around here. They likely live in deeper water.

Since then, however, we have had small craft warnings. So I’m stuck in port. Given how good the fishing was that is a major bummer.

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