Pineland this morning? No way!

Drove back to Pineland early this morning. Got there around 7:40 AM. Not good enough! Damn. The parking lot was already full. It’s not a big lot to begin with. So handful of cars is all it holds. Today there were four cars, and a kayak trailer, capable of transporting half a dozen yaks. Smell a tour anyone?



Disappointed, I turned around and went back home. After taking the yak off the car, I headed to the gym. On the way, I saw a messy road kill. A big wild boar was lying by the side of the road. Someplace in Punta Gorda there is a car with a nasty dent. Got to the gym and took my frustrations out on the weight machines.  On the way back home I saw a gator flattened on the white line. Its a tough times for animals in PG.

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