Storms: Wildness from Above

Storm chasers. Following tornados, in vans full of high tech gizmos? Crazy bizz. Still I feel their zeal. Wild weather is exciting. Suddenly the planet turns with all its might. Your vulnerability is as plain as day. Nature at full throttle. It yanks you by the short hairs.

Last night I was heading down route 41 through Punta Gorda, seeking a Guiness. In the rear view mirror, a storm appeared right on my tail. Inky and angry.

Rainbow on 41

Rainbow on 41 in Punta Gorda

I only have four cylinders, but I out ran the beast noir. A flock of birds raced across my windshield. They were seeking shelter too.  Goodbye storm, you won’t see me again.


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  1. Jim Deady says:

    Yea, I know they do damage but there’s something primeval to a big storm. You right, your whole body comes alive. We’re not that far out of the cave entrance.

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