Plum Island New York is for Sale?

Before reading this, I suggest reading the post I did on Plum Island back in September 29, 2011. For the record, I’m referring to the 3 mile long, 843 acre, island sitting just off Orient Point, NY, at the eastern end of Long Island Sound. (recent update)

Plum Island, New York

Plum Island, New York is for Sale

Five years ago, Congress decided to shut down this animal disease research center, and relocate it at Kansas State University. Well the wheels of government turn slowly, but a few days ago the General Services Administration and Department of Homeland Security released a “record of decision”. This is a final step in preparing government property for sale.

As we inch closer to the island’s sale, conflicting opinions have arisen on the island’s future use. Should it be sold to developers for high ticket homes? Should we give it to Hannibal Lector? Just kidding! Or should it become a nature preserve/park? I believe the latter, as should any angler or boater that loves Long Island Sound. The Environmental Protection Agency leans that way too.

Whatever the use, we need reassurances that the island is actually safe. Huge amounts of contaminated soil have already been removed from the island’s landfills. And a study was done under the National Environmental Policy Act. Regardless, more study is likely required before the public roams around out there. Let’s lay all the cards on the table.


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