A School of “Tailing” Reds

Well the wet  weather has continued to be a issue. Last week Punta Gorda got 14 inches of rain in just two days, and parts of Fort Myers are so flooded there are under a state of emergency. And get this; more rain is scheduled by midweek!

This morning the sky was fine. So I knew I better get out and take advantage of it. Left the ramp at 6:30 AM. Plenty of stars, dead calm. I was hoping to catch an early morning tide. On the bar, there were tons of mullet, feeding in the first of the flood. I cast all around them, seeking a red or a snook. No dice.

Tailing Redfish

Tailing Redfish

While paddling a bit farther down the bar, I saw a school of fish headed my way. I figured it was likely more mullet, but I slowed down and waited for them to get in range. The school stopped directly opposite me. Then an instant later a dozen big tails appeared. These were nice size reds. I fired a quick cast into the middle of the group. Two strips, and I was hooked up solid. Great fight. Loved it. This morning’s red weighed over 7.5 pounds on the Boga.

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