Handloading your own Ammo

Handloading is increasingly popular these days largely due to periodic shortages of ammunition.  Still there are many good reasons to handload. Yes, you can save money, although in recent times the price of materials has jumped noticeably. You can tailor rounds for specific needs, such as plinking or target. You may be able to make custom ammo that fits and functions better in your specific firearm than any factory round. And you can produce ammo that is otherwise unavailable for obsolete firearms. I told you there were many reasons.

Handloading Bench

Handloading Bench

So do I recommend handloading to everyone? No. If you’re an infrequent shooter, it will be hard to justify the cost of the equipment. Even if you can justify the cost, however, handloading is ill advised for people with a careless streak. I mean it. Handloading isn’t terribly difficult to learn. But if you don’t follow instructions, and pay attention, you’re inviting disaster. You can literally blow up a gun, and in the process seriously harm yourself or others.

Feel like you’re a focused, careful person, capable of taking handloading on? OK. I recommend you to begin with a single stage press or a turret press -such as the one in the picture. Get 2 or 3 handloading manuals and read them front to back. Then find an experienced handloader to help you. Do not make “hot” or “maximum” loads for your gun. Nor do I suggest you build ultra “light” loads at first. Instead use mid-range load data. Go slow, be careful, and enjoy.

“Be a Safe and Responsible Gun Owner”

Lastly, consider getting yourself a subscription to Handloader magazine. Its a great resource.    http://www.riflemagazine.com/subscription/subscript.cfm


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