Mark’s Big Landlocked Salmon

Mark’s Big Landlocked Salmon

Recently my friend Mark Lewchick hauled his Lund Alaskan up to northern New England in the search of landlocked salmon. Will not mention the name of the lake, but I can report Mark’s trip was a huge success. How does 40 fish in 2 days sound!

Here’s Mark with a big landlocked salmon. Probably around 4 pounds or so. Not sure if this is the largest one of the trip, but no doubt its a beauty. Tip of the hat Mark! Nice going. Mark is one of the best anglers I know, as well as a fantastic fly tyer, and great artist!

Here’s a look at one of Mark’s trolling flies for landlocked salmon. Lotsa translucence, subtle color, and a streamlined shape. The top one is obviously tied tandem. The bottom one is single hook.

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