Dave’s Redfish and Sweet Pompano

Dave’s Redfish and Sweet Pompano

Got a message from my buddy Dave a few days back. He fishes the flats on Florida’s Gulf Coast and knows how to do it right, believe me. I guess the weather had been a bit off courtesy of El Nino. More clouds, more rain, and some cooler air. But he got out recently during a break in the weather and caught some dynamite fish.

Nice Redfish on a Fly

As nice as that fish is, the other fish made me smile. Dave hooked the permit’s kissing cousin – a pompano! If you have ever caught a big pompano on a flyrod rod you know what a hoot that is. When it took off, Dave tells me it made the fly line hiss through the water the way a bonefish does. Get you some of that!

Dave’s Pompano





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