The Effects of Wind on Tide

Got out yesterday morning at dawn. Air temps? In the high forties, pretty cool for Florida. Low tide was scheduled to arrive around 10 AM. So I was hitting the flats at half tide; or so I thought.

Sometimes Wind is more important that Tide

Sometimes Wind is more important that Tide

When I got to the ramp, the water was already down much farther than I expected.  Granted, the scheduled low was a minus .44 tide. But clearly something was not right. A trip to the flats confirmed it. There was barely a drop of water left. And low tide was 3 hours away.

The wind was 10/12 knots from the northeast.  We all know wind can change the time-of-tide and the tidal range. But in shallow water, those effects can be profound. And that is what I saw that morning. A night long north wind had accelerated the ebb, draining the flats. Sometimes wind is more important than time-of-tide.

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